K.V. Janardhanan Foundation

K.V. Janardhanan:

Beloved Husband, Father.

We miss you.

Tea at sharp 3 pm - Perhaps this was the only thing Achan was particular about. Everything else was negotiable. 

Simple as simple can be, Achan is a moral force in our lives. The only person in our family who held strong spiritual views, believed fully in God, and brought a sense of balance into our otherwise overly rational and debating family. Achan was a man of very few desires - a tea with murukku will have him smiling - a treat for him, as he would normally try to keep off anything that would increase his glucose level.

Achan was truly selfless - Friends know him as a man who would do anything he could possibly do for them. 

He hated being on medication, and was not very amused when he had to restrict his movements due to diabetic neuropathy. He also wasn't too keen on seeing doctors, which he had to occasionally, at the Amrita Hospital in Kochi and the Sree Chitra hospital in Trivandrum.

Achan left unexpectedly and peacefully on 27 Jan, 2011. But not before he had planned his son's wedding to the last detail, printed the invitation cards and personally paid advance to all vendors. 

As he watches us from the skies, we hope to touch the lives of a few people around us, through initiatives in our beloved Achan's name.

We miss you, Acha.

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